Rating Key

This key is a recommended rating system for books read in LIB 220 with Dr. Bodart.  The titles were changed to follow the theme of this blog.

WORMS (Quality):  

4W = Best of the best.  Story flows smoothly. Characters are believable and well developed.  An excellent read and would recommend to any reader. (Ah yes, a full stomach for a long swim!)

3W = A good read but not going to stay up all night reading it.  Strong in at least two elements of a great story(plot, characters, background, writing style, pacing, tone).  Would recommend to someone interested in the genre. (Almost perfect but not completely satisfying.)

2W = Fair to not so good.  Weak plot perhaps from other books and just changed the names around.  No connections or purpose.  Would only recommend to those dedicated to the genre…maybe. (Satisfactory, but doesn’t fill you up.)

1W = Easily put down.  Poorly written, no plot flow, flat characters.  Would not recommend. (Terrible, but digestible.)

HOOKS (Popularity): 

4H = Can’t put it down.  Appeals to broad spectrum of readers. Read it now! (There’s no getting away from this one! And your fishy friends will get hooked too.)

3H = Good read for fans of the genre.  Enjoyable but easy to put down.  You will finish it but the memory won’t linger. Would recommend to fans of the genre. (Won’t appeal to all, but most will get caught.)

2H = Had to force myself to finish it.  Would recommend with reservations.  Only for loyal fans of the author. (Only diehards would be out looking for this one.)

1H = I didn’t like it but maybe fans would.  Couldn’t finish it.  Would not recommend it. (Catch and release! Emphasis on release….)

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