The Quilt

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Bunn, T. Davis, (c. 1993). The Quilt.  Bethany House. 125 pages , $12.99.

ISBN:  1556613458

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Mary’s arthritis grew worse yet she needed to make one last quilt.  With guidance and prayer, the quilt helps the town rediscover life’s true gifts.


Mary is like everyone’s grandmother, a sweet, elderly woman who was known not just for her kindness but also for her amazing quilts.  One day, while twisting her arthritic hands, she tells her son that she needs to make one last quilt.  Although the task is physically impossible for Mary, she is determined to make it happen.  With assistance from her daughter in laws, friends and fellow church go-ers, Mary instructs them on how to make the quilt emphasizing the importance of saying a prayer of thanks with every stitch made.  Soon all the women in the town are pitching in to make Mary’s quilt.  They are drawn to the serene and spiritual atmosphere surrounding the project.

All involved in the creation of Mary’s quilt, walk away from the project knowing more about their lives and the importance of His divine guidance.  With this increased understanding of God’s presence the quilt takes on new meaning and brings light to the those surrounded by Mary’s kindness.


This is a quick read with writing that is leisurely and reflective.  For those who enjoy Christian Fiction, this book could bring comfort and reassurance to those that may have forgotten the power of prayer.  With pleasant characters and little if any angst, this story is peaceful and may be just the thing for someone who wants to be reminded of how important faith is in everyday life.


Christian Fiction


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Book Discussion Questions:

How does Mary draw people into the project?

What does the quilt represent?

What impact does this project have on the community?

The author never states a time or place for the story.  When do you think it takes place and where?

Do you think something like this could happen in today’s world?

Reasons for selection:

I am unfamiliar with Christian Fiction so found the selection by searching the genre in NoveList.  T. Davis Bunn has written many novels in this genre so I am pleased to have read one of them.  It was a short and pleasant read which should satisfy my initial knowledge of this subject.