I love to read but I don’t always know what to read next.  I’ve learned that it’s OK to put a book down that I don’t like instead of needing to read it to the end in order to give it a chance.  I admittedly get stuck in genres (mystery is where I find myself today) but as an MLIS student, I am motivated to explore other subjects and genres so that I can share my passion for books with a variety of like-minded people who will hopefully share their favorites with me.

I’ve been working in public libraries for five years and working on my Masters in Library and Information Science for the last three.  There is nothing more rewarding than introducing someone to a new author knowing that you’ve set them up with some great entertainment.  And unlike some, I am not a book “snob”.   I appreciate that we all have our own tastes.  I believe that reading is important no matter if its “trashy” romance or “classic” literature.  It is a personal pastime and should be enjoyed without judgement.

So no matter your taste, hopefully there will be something in this blog that steers you to your next great find.



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