Gone Girl

Book Jacket  4W, 4H

Flynn, Gillian, , (c. 2012). Gone Girl.  Crown. 416 pages , $25.99.

ISBN: 9780307588364


The NY Times, The Guardian


On their fifth anniversary, Nick returns home to find his wife missing.  Following the clues, he realizes the desperate game being played and that he’s the target.


On the Dunne’s fifth anniversary, wife Amy goes missing bringing on a firestorm of media, speculation and marital missteps.  Nick knows that he is innocent of foul play but everything clue points directly back to him and the role he has played in their “picture perfect” marriage.  Amy, whose parent’s entire career is based on their “Amazing Amy” books, leaves a diary behind that becomes more and more disturbing and layers are peeled away during the investigation.  Filled with plot twists, disturbing characters, and the most devious of all plots, Gone Girl will keep you guessing and simultaneously cringing as it exposes the side of humanity that is best left hidden.


A brilliantly crafted thriller, this story is not for the light of heart.  Even if you are not a horror fan, you will be pulled into the twisted lives of this seemingly ordinary couple where power is everything and manipulation is the weapon of choice.  What makes this story so disturbing is that if deftly explores the institution of marriage making it an eerily plausible plot.  Flynn highlights the fact that we are at our best when we first meet, becoming people that we may not really be in order to impress our future mate.  Nick and Amy’s story takes that premise, adds some disturbing details and produces a set of circumstances that surprises and repulses simultaneously.

Reminiscent of the movie “War of the Roses”, it is hard to recommend a book where each character is more loathsome than the next.  This is definitely not a gory read, but a psychological journey into some very dark minds.  Although I did not enjoy the reading experience, I would suggest it to anyone who enjoys the genre, great writing and does not have a need to like the characters.

Author’s Website:

Gillian Flynn




Precious Things by Collette McBeth.

The Perfect Ghost by Linda Barnes


  • Goodreads Choice Awards: 2012
  • Library Journal Best Books: 2012
  • Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award – Best Mystery & Suspense: 2012
  • The Reading List (RUSA): 2013

Book Discussion Questions:

1. Do you like Nick or Amy?  Do you find yourself rooting for either one of them?

2. Why was Amy’s diary so effective both as a strategy for the author and as a manipulation used by the character?

3.  Amy described herself as “the cool girl” and her friend’s husbands as “dancing monkeys”.  How does this reflect back on Amy’s character and how she views the world.

4. Amy’s parents – there may not be enough time to discuss their overarching role, but give it a shot.  Why are they so important to the story?

5.  If you were to rewrite the ending, how would you do it?

Reasons for selection:

I first found this book on the Stop Your Killing Me Newsletter which I receive each month.  After reading it, I thought I had finally found the book that I would never pick up again.  I am admittedly a “sensitive” reader in that what I read definitely impacts my outlook.  I found this book depressing because the characters were so loathsome.

But then, it was chosen as a book discussion selection for this class.  I was encouraged to participate because I had such strong negative feelings about it.  So, I re-read the book and even though it still made me feel “icky”, I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and took great pleasure in siting all the ways I detested Amy.  It proved to be a cleansing experience and now I will feel good about recommending it to those who enjoy the genre.

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